Monday, October 3, 2011

Second blog assignment - due October 6

Jon Ronson, Chapter 4 ("The Psychopath Test") and Chapter 5 ("Toto")

For this assignment, I'd like you to essentially do the same thing as the last time - write a paragraph summarizing the reading, and then another paragraph responding to it. Though you have to read two chapters, I won't require that you summarize both of them. Instead, pick just one and summarize it in a strong top-down paragraph - begin with a sentence that explains the most important thing about the chapter, then back up that sentence with the rest of the paragraph. As we may have discussed in our face-to-face conference, you may or may not want to think about these as something to potentially edit for inclusion in your portfolio.

In your second paragraph - your response - you do not have to limit yourself to only the chapter you summarized. Reading them helps me, as the instructor, figure out how to structure class discussion, so that we can address major issues that you have as readers. So please do use that second paragraph as a place to respond to both chapters, in terms of any questions, comments, objections, etc. you might have.

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