Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Ronson Blog - due 11/17/11

We're finally finishing The Psychopath Test, with the final two chapters - Chapter 10, "The Avoidable Death of Rebecca Riley," and Chapter 11, "Good Luck." The final chapter is very much a wrapping-up of the book as a whole. It brings to a close (more or less) some of the narrative strands that Ronson began earlier in the text - specifically, the case of Tony locked up in Broadmoor and the strange book that the Swedish lunatic has been sending in the mail. As a result, it's pretty hard to summarize.

With that in mind, I'd like you to spend a paragraph doing a strong summary of Chapter 10 - remember, give it a strong first sentence summarizing the point of the whole thing, then a fuller explanation with the rest of the paragraph.

In the second paragraph, please do ask any questions you have about the reading. But I'd also like to invite you to take this blog to respond to or question the book as a whole. What I found particularly interesting about the last part of the book is the way it makes claims about the arbitrariness of mental health diagnoses. We've talked some about the dangers of Hare's checklist and the potential it has for dangerously, mistakenly labeling people - but with these last two chapters, Ronson seems to suggest that a lot, perhaps most, of psychiatry and psychology in general is guesswork. What do you think? You've been learning about health care systems in NURS 105 - how does the information here about the pharmaceutical companies interact with the stuff you've learned in that class?

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